Committee Chairs

Bylaws Committee

Chair: William Hunter

A committee whose purpose is to annually review the bylaws of The Green ARTery, Inc., for updating and change, based upon the most currently accepted rules of parliamentary procedure and organization practice; to annually review and revise, when necessary, the organization’s policies and procedures. The chairperson shall be the Parliamentarian.

Communications Committee

Chair: Heidi Bissell

A committee whose purpose is to (a) provide formal communications with the public and media about the Green Artery (b) to facilitate communication among Green Artery board, executive committee and members by maintaining email lists and other information sharing tools, and to (c) utilize other methods of communication as may be directed by the Board of Directors. The Communications Committee will produce content for and maintain a website and social media site(s) to facilitate communication both within the Green Artery and with the community. Maintains official message and talking points (developed in conjunction with the Executive Committee) and helps ensure that all Green Artery board members and representatives are clearly articulating the intended message. Supports and coordinates with the other committees as needed to ensure official correspondence is sending the correct message to the intended audiences.

Finance Committee

Chair: Evan St. Ives

A committee whose purpose is to oversee all Green ARTery funds and assure they are deposited into Green ARTery accounts.   The Committee shall cause to be maintained records of Green ARTery finances in the form of income, expenditure and account balances; current financial information The treasurer of the Board of Directors is the chair of the Finance Committee, which shall include three other board members. The Finance Committee is responsible for developing and reviewing fiscal procedures, fundraising plans, and annual budget with staff and other board members. The full Board of Directors must approve the budget and all expenditures must be within that budget. Any major change in the budget must be approved by the Board of Directors. Annual and regular financial reports are required to be submitted to the board at its annual or regular board of director meetings, showing income, expenditures, and pending income.

Fundraising Committee

A committee whose purpose is to develop a strategic as well as an ongoing plan to identify, engage and solicit donations from individuals and organizations, both private and public. Recruit sponsors. Research, identify, and apply for grants from both public and private organizations to further Green Artery’s vision of establishing a perimeter trail that will eventually link to other trails. Develops Friends of the Green Artery.

Marketing Committee

A committee whose purpose is to develop marketing and branding strategic plan to include the Green Artery’s website and logo. Establish a positive community presence through the use of brochures, booths, and other materials. Supports and coordinates with the other committees as needed.

Membership Committee

A committee, whose purpose is to recruit Green Artery Board of Director members, maintains the official list of membership in the Green Artery. The committee shall also maintain the official voluntary email list used to notify and communicate about events and activities of general interest to the board and committee chairs.

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