Our History


The Green ARTery Project originated back in 2010 with Myron Griffin’s vision of connecting the green spaces in Seminole Heights. He saw the need to connect, enhance, and make safe the numerous green spaces within his neighborhood and beyond. The project soon garnered the support of Greater Seminole Heights and was referred to as “The Seminole Heights Trail”

As he continued to promote the idea, he soon found many enthusiastic partners. The end result was a project named “The Greenspace Initiative” and a meeting was set for October of 2010 to form an alliance between neighborhoods that had now grown to twenty in the central Tampa area.

The Old Seminole Heights Neighborhood Association hosted the first meeting at the Seminole Heights Garden Center with over 125 attendees including many of Tampa’s political leaders who were anxious to learn more about this project that become known as “The Green ARTery”. The second meeting, held in Tampa Heights, had over 125 attendees and included many more community leaders within the area.  The term 20-20-20 Vision was unveiled to signify 20 neighborhoods, 20 square miles, and a proposed completion date of 2020. It became the challenge of this grass roots movement to provide safe connections to the parks and green spaces in central Tampa for pedestrians, bicyclists, and disabled citizens. It was soon registered with the State as “The Green ARTery, Inc.”

Many people played key roles in the early development of the project. The founding executives traveled from neighborhood to neighborhood to promote the project during the next two years. Karla Price, City of Tampa and Michelle Ogilvie, Metropolitan Planning Organization worked to facilitate the development of the fledgling group.

One of the biggest challenges was to find a project that would benefit and touch as many of the twenty neighborhoods as possible.  After a year of asset mapping and gathering suggestions from the original twenty neighborhoods, a goal of building a trail that connected green spaces along the Hillsborough River and Tampa Bay was set. Soon other impassioned planners bought into this dream and started work on a project that would encircle the area with a multi-use trail that would be known as “The Perimeter Trail”.

The Green Artery, a grass-roots all-volunteer organization consisting of representatives from the various neighborhoods throughout the City of Tampa is seeking your financial assistance in order to elevate our organization to the next level.


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